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I went back to the hospital. This time my stay was only over night. I woke up on Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. For the past few weeks my stomach issues had been creeping back. The doctor had me take all kinds of things to try and help but the last one ended up hurting me more. So my doctor admitted me. It was awful.

I didn’t not get to sleep in the 24+hrs I was there, nor did I get to eat. He put me on liquid diet and tortured me with medication, that nasty CT drink (yeah got another CT scan done), bubble gum enemas (OMFG these are awful), magnesium citrate, a painful shot that burned like hell in my stomach, and Go Lightly (which should be call Drink Me Until you Vomit).

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New Home, Yay!

So, I don’t know which post I mentioned this in but I finally moved! I hated living in an apartment – those 6 months where very long! lol I moved to a duplex instead and it is so much more quiet. No more people living on top of me. I promised some pictures once I got a little settled. I almost have everything the way I wanted it but I have a few more things to hang up.

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My job gives me surprises

I guess working for a hospital can have some cool surprises – though most of the time it is just exhausting. We got a call from the surgery floor that the monitor in Heart
RM 10 was not working. So I got volunteered to go take a look at it. I had to suit up from head to toe which make me feel like the stay puff marshmallow man. I thought I was just suiting up because it is a sterile room but it turns out that they had someone on the table in there!

So I got to see an actual beating human heart still in someones chest! They let me in to look at the monitor, which turned out to not be something I.T. could even fix. Before I left, they asked if I had ever seen a human heart and let me come around to the table to look. I was all over that, I wasn’t going to say no since it is a once in a lifetime experience when you’re not a surgeon.

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Feeling Cured

It’s hard to believe that I’m on my 7th month after surgery already. As the title says, I’m feeling cured from it. It’s a wonderful feeling. These 7 months I haven’t gotten a sick spell or vomited even once. It almost feels like I’m in a dream. No more intense pain in my gut, no painful bloating, no tummy pain or nausea and best of all no waking up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain and not being able to get enough sleep.

Now, I’m not so foolish to think I won’t get sick anymore (haha if only). It is just the pain I had before the surgery was something different than regular illness and stomach bugs. It was an on-going nightmare that lasted for 27 years of my life.

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