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[Update] I’ve been told by two people now that they are getting 403 errors when trying to comment, and only sometimes. I turned off a plugin that may be the culprit but please let me know at if you still get it cause then I have another beef with my web host and may need to find another one.

I’m sure most people have heard of my title – FODMAP. I had heard about it over and over again, and even started to follow it – just not well enough. Well, I’m really trying it now. It is not easy! While there are many foods it does allow, I have a hard time remembering them all. I guess with time I will get better at it. The only thing that helps is all the books I have that follow the Low FODMAP diet. Some of them I have to change up a bit because there are certain foods it talks about being able to eat, that I know I have a strong reaction too.

One of them is a spice called Cumin. So many books talk about how it is a safe spice but I remember every time someone added cumin to my food I would get so sick (damn it I love Mexican food!). That is what makes this hard. I’m going to really push away foods (not all foods just the bad ones of course) for about a week and slowly bring them back in, just to find out which ones seems to hurt me the most. It won’t be a perfect test, because I know some things might not hurt me if I only eat it once, it needs to be built up in my system. However, it at least gets me eating healthier.

Oh, and more fiber. I already tried to eat things with good fiber but now I’m actually shopping for things that are good source of fiber. I found a really delicious bar called KIND bar. My favorite flavor so far is the blueberry, vanilla, nuts one. You should try them if you are looking for a good healthy snack bar.


Updates on Life

Changed my layout again. I really liked the other one but I felt the need to put something up with more fandom to it. The image is from the series Love Live! Not one of my favorites but the characters are all super cute and it is a fun series to watch. Actually, changed it again, this time it feature and image from Kyou Kara Maou. ♥

So, I haven’t been thrown back into the hospital again. It’s not to say I have been better. I had a great week and a half but I’m back to another flare up. I’m kind of just keeping it to myself since I don’t want to be thrown back into the hospital when I know nothing will get resolved. I’m just trucking on through all of this.

I got a test result that came back not so good though. Now they have to do two biopsy. I’m not happy about this. I’m not worried about having cancer but getting the biopsy done is going to be painful. DX


Website Changes

Sorry for the last entry. It was my lowest moment. I’m still a bit depressed about it but I’m out of that bad funk. I have decided to try and go gluten-free with my food. It is not going to be easy – not by a long shot. However, I already got a few gluten-free things to eat as snacks and I’m liking them so maybe it won’t be all bad. I think I won’t miss the foods I have been eating every day if my health is much better from it. I also bought a cook book from the woman who owns the site Against all Grain. I’m going to make some of her dishes, they look good. Also, I went ahead and started to do what that locum said, which was to drink a tablespoon of olive oil three times a day. I add lemon juice to it to add a natural stimulant and to mask the taste a bit. I don’t know if it will help me but I’m ready to try it all. Wish me luck!

Now, on to the point of this post – Website Changes. Kills With Cake cosplay group is retiring, we had a small issue with one of the members. No, we did not fight but she can no longer do the cosplay. It was a sad moment and we all cried about it. She is going to continue to help out in anyway she can. I can’t say what happened for her privacy. I just had to take all the stuff down that had her in it.