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Phone Apps I Use

February 10, 2016

So, Kya gave me the idea to do this. Thanks Kya. I thought I would talk about the apps I use on my phone and why. It’s always interesting to me to see what other people use so be sure to tell me some of you most used apps in the comments. Over all I’m not much of a app user although after making this list I realized I used more than I thought. I try to keep my phone…

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The Feels!!!! Vampire Knight Extra

February 9, 2016

Um yeah, don’t continue reading if you don’t want Vampire Knight spoilers. I promise my next post is something more substantial but I just had to comment on this. I think it is about time I start updating my Zero and Yuuki fan shrine. 0_0 I’ve been so neglectful of all my shrines. Anyway, if you didn’t know Vampire Knight has been over for a while but then again it hasn’t. Hino has been bringing out extra chapters to feature…

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