Siblings are people that I have gotten really close to on the net. We either talk a lot on msn, livejournal, or just the fact that we run into each other in person from time to time or known each other for an even longer time. Being a sibling is only open to people I have known and been able to talk to but you can always be an affiliate that gets moved here.

Title: Zabimaru
Favorite Site:
Megori is probably my closest online friend. We have known each other for a long time now but we ended up becoming better friends when ever we were both working at these awful jobs that let us be on msn. We would talk all day long and never run out of things to say. We both happen to be avid boy-love fans as well so sometimes are topics can get a little crazy. Despite the fact that we have a number of differences in taste of things, for some reason we are able to still be good friends. I guess we have an understanding of each other and our opinions, which, we are both very opinionated. (haha) Not to mention we are both really picky when it comes to web design and code.

Title: Frozen Wings
Favorite Site:
CardCaptor Studio
I have know Misty a.k.a. Pauline for a very long time now. I think we first became friend through an old forum I use to own and we just went from there. We have been blog buddies and siblings ever since. Her most popular site would have to be a wonderful CardCaptor Sakura shrine with tons of content, but she has a number of other really great sites as well.



Want to affiliate? Just visit the contact page and apply. XD The biggest rule is that it must be a domain that leads to sites you make (like mine – a collective). It can have other things but it wouldn’t make much sense to affiliate with a site that wasn’t a collective.


This is a list of all the people whom I asked to link exchange with or have asked me to link exchange. I have also added links up when I found out they had linked to me. If you link me, don’t be afraid to tell me so, I will be more than happy to link you back.


Melodea.com | Aminuet.com | Genrou.com


Shattered-Wings.net | Akinoiro.net | Shinshoku.net | Eternal-Wings.net





If you want to link exchange and you have a domain or site collective of some kind, then fill out the Contact Form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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