Since I thought I was closing down a lot of sites lately. Here is the graveyard list of sites from long long long ago. Maybe you will recognize them. They start from the oldest and then down…

Purdy Manga & Anime– My first site ever, started on That was quite an experience. I used pre-made layouts most of the time and just learned my html with it. I had content on Sailor Moon the most, but then I had CardCaptor Sakura and Tenchi Muyo right up there. Plus a few pages of things like outlaw star and so on. I can tell you this, I have come a very long way since then.

Purdy Ongaku’s Graphics– Very first graphics site. The horror.

Pudry Wallpapers – The site that got down sized for a while. I just wanted to do wallpapers for that time. I can’t really remember why. I think I lost my server and I didn’t feel like putting everything back up right away.

There’s A Dream – This is when my graphics started getting better.

Sakura Tears – Probably most popular site ever before Panikku. It had a ton of CardCaptor Sakura related stuff! But then it came to be too much for me since There’s A Dream was so big and demanding too. Alas, Panikku was born with the merged sites.

Anti-Bashers – A clique for people who didn’t like to bash other series or characters.

Stay True – A non anime/manga site for once.

Interrogation – Stay True was popular for it’s wallpapers and interviews. So I decided to just change it to that for a while. – My old domain colletive for all my sites, I wasn’t able to keep the domain so I bought a new one to replace it. That would be this one that you are at now.

Clandestine 01 – My one and only AP shrine, dedicated to one of my all time favorites, Miroku and Kagome!– It was once an AP domain, then changed to a fanlisting collective. Now it’s just dead. The server sucked and I didn’t think I needed a whole domain for this site anymore.

Panikku Anime Shrine – This domain is still here but it now something simple. It use to be a HUGE anime/manga shrine with things like music videos, wallpapers, information, reviews, layouts, graphics, galleries and so on so forth. I had to close it because it was sucking the life out of me, but I didn’t just delete all the content. It got separated, such as the wallpapers on, the little information tid bits are put on this domain, and I’m working on seperate shrine.

Cursed Zodiac – This didn’t last long, but I loved the time I had with it. I also really loved my layout and look for it. I couldn’t keep it up though because of life problems.

Wonderful Friends – A dead CCS site… It just had a lot of info, especially on the episodes. I might put the episodes on peacewishes fanlistings instead. – A domain bought by my friend Ray. She had to drop it though. It was a site that we did custom graphics on for people.

Solo Una – A collection of one page shrines. I decided I didn’t need this since I didn’t have that many shrines.

Temple Of Planet Ladder – This shrine originally belonged to Sachiko and Echiko, but they couldn’t run it anymore, so they passed it on to me for awhile. It was one of the best Planet Ladder sites out there, but not really because of me, lol.

Painful Memories – This was a fanlisting for Momiji and Tohru from Fruits Basket, but I decided to close it out of that fact that I already have an AP fanlisting and there was another fanlisting made one day after I put this one online. I just didn’t care to keep it any longer.

Learning To Love– A Parfait Tic fanlisting for Daiya and Fuuko that was handed to me by Odori, but when it moved nobody joined and all I got was hassled by so I decided to close it down.

Forbidden Love– A Fruits Basket fanlisting for Kyou and Tohru that I just didn’t want to maintain anymore. Besides, there is always another really good one. I show my love for them with my shrine only now.

Iniquitous – A fanlisting and shrine for Alternate Pairing fans. I still love Alternate Pairings, but I didn’t seem to have any drive in completing the site. Also, when I finally added a script to the site, I lost a lot of members and only 8 joined again. I felt it wasn’t worth my time anymore.

Andante Designs – A domain I had for almost a year that I never really used. I was going to make it into my portfolio but then I decided I really hated the name.

Ordinary Day – I will probably miss this domain but sometimes good things have to end. I wanted to keep Panikku of Ordinary Day. This site was once my personal blog but now Panikku is.

Egocentric – A Fo Shuwa shrine and fanlisting, but in all reality it only made it to a fanlisting. I never had the time or willpower to work on the content, and since hardly anyone was joining I decided it was time to close it down.

Collaboration – A forum I was tricked into making. It didn’t really go anywhere so I thought it was a waste of space and deleted it. Surprisingly I had a more important reason for deleting it, but that is a secret for now.

Fortuitous/Himitsu – I use to co-own this site with a good net friend, Odori but then she left the net world and I was left alone with it. I tried to keep it going for many years to come but I finally got over it. The site was practically dead and a waste of space so it is gone now. It was once a site for Kyou and Tohru fans from Fruits Basket.

Illicit Love – A fanlisting for Ion and Esther from Trinity Blood. I just got tired of updating something that got no members anymore.

FUNimation FANlisting – Same as for the Illicit love. It was a fanlisting for the company FUNimation but I didn’t really need it anymore.

Flying Without Wings – Was a media site to host all of our Anime Music Videos and Fanfiction, but I couldn’t really find the time to keep it up to date. You can still find all our media on other sites though.

Romance and Redemption – A fanlisting for Fllay and Kira (From Gundam Seed) that was adopted from someone else. There weren’t many new members and I didn’t have the time to keep posting up information about it still be alive so I closed it.

Iniquitous – As much as I love these two (Mitsuki and Izumi from Full Moon wo Sagashite) and this show the fandom was a little dead and I didn’t have the energy to keep up with a stagnate fanlisting for it. – This domain was with me for a long time, usually serving as my free graphics site. Going from pre-made everything to just wallpapers and hosting most of my smaller shrines. All good things come to an end and mine was when graphic became my job and I simply didn’t have the energy to do it fro ‘fun’ anymore. I moved all my shrines to a different domain and closed this one.

Nakama – A fanlisting for the three friends of Durarara, Kida Masaomi, Mikado Ryugamine, and Anri Sonohara. Nobody was really joining anymore and I didn’t have time to put an update message every 2 months so I let it die and closed it. – Domain that I didn’t really like and since I didn’t have the time to do freelance anymore I decided it was time to retire it. If I come back to do freelance it will be on Panikku or another one of my domains. – Loved this domain, it was going to feature another favorite pairings – however – by the time I really got to put work into this life got ahead of me. I just didn’t have time to finish so I decided to let it close. – Old cosplay group. It had to be closed down due to personal reasons but a new cosplay website has been opened up in it’s place. This was a great time and it was fun while it lasted.

Singingaway – LiveJournal – Deleted this old Livejournal blog. I never used it anymore, but it has a lot of good memories and times. It was time to move away from that part of my life though especially since the community was pretty much dead. – Loved having this domain for a long time but since I was not updating it much I felt it was a waste of my monies to keep paying for a domain that pretty much stood still. The site still is around but it is now a part of my subdomains on panikku –