What does Ochitusku mean? Well after having – engrish for panic – I wanted to get a name that was completely different. I once had a domain named Sasayaku that meant to speak softly, but I couldn’t keep that domain due to various reasons so I thought long and hard for another soft and peaceful name and Ochitsuki was it. Ochitsuki means composure, self-possession, a peace of mind, roughly translated of course. I have really grown to like this name.


This domain is now hosted on my reseller plan. I bought the reseller plan from Crocweb, which is a friendly oriented host that has been very reliable so far. The domain was bought at which I recommend since I have been with them for many years and had no problems.

SITE HISTORY has been around for a while now. It has gone through many changes but one thing that has always remained the same is that it has always been a site collective. Now that I really don’t need to have so many sites at once I wanted to combine my site collective with my blog. I hope that will make this site seem a little more active. Hope you like the changes.

About Me

Name: Ashley
Online Alias: Ongaku, Singingaway
Date of Birth: August 7th
Occupation: Freelancer, Web Designer, Computer Support Tech
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Ethnicity: Irish, English, Hispanic, Native American
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Location: Texas, USA
A Fun Fact: My first anime ever was some old anime called ‘A Journey Through Fairyland’ which holds a huge resemblance to Fantasia only not nearly as good.

My name is Ashley but most people know me and call me by Ongaku on the web and Singingaway from my Cosplay. Ongaku is actually a Japanese word meaning music. The reason that nick name was given to me was because, before I got into web design, my life was dedicated to music and singing. Even now, music is a big part of my life though web design and computers take up another chunk. .

I’m a graduate from a community collage, that has wonderful hands on classes. I graduated with an associates degree in Computer and Information Systems for Web Design and Management. I might go back to school sometime in the future to get my BA (or more) but it all has to do with time and money. I do plan to get a few certifications though.

Making websites has been something I love to do since I was 13. My skills have grown so much over the time and – even now – I learn something new every day.

I love anime, manga, and manhwa – if you couldn’t already tell. It takes another huge chunk of my life, and not to mention money, haha. I really got into anime because I have a chronic illness. It gave me something to do and opened many doors for me such as cosplay. I never would have gotten into web design or writing if it wasn’t for anime.

I suffer with lots of stomach trouble. When I was younger the doctors told me I had IBS because they could never figure out what was causing my pain. At the age of 27 I got really bad. My current doctor saved my life when he threw me into the hospital for observation to learn that I had a partial blockage that was getting worse and worse. At this point, they are still unsure as to why I have so much stomach trouble but that doctor who helped me is doing his very best to keep me healthy and happy.

I follow a strict LOW-FODMAP diet. I might not have IBS (or I could but have other issues too) but it seems to do me good to avoid all those bad foods that can irritate the gut. It helps me to be healthier too. I hope that after I have been on this diet for many years I will eliminate many symptoms.