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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 29, 2016

Yeah, I know it is a little early but I probably won’t make another post until after the New Year… probably. I can never tell how I’m going to feel or what is going to happen. Anyway, I thought I would start off by saying – I was negative for my test on RA! Yay! The bad news is now we get to play a guessing game on what is wrong with me. The doctor put me on celebrex to…

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A Little Update

November 13, 2016

Not a lot going on, well I guess that isn’t really true but nothing really exciting has been going on. XD My job title and position is changing though and – hopefully – for the better. I’m going from Help Desk to EMR Analyst. It is a lot to learn real fast but I have been enjoying it. I’m looking forward to when I completely move over to that position, right now I’m doing both and it is keeping me…

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San Angelo Comic Con and More…

October 14, 2016

So my little town somehow got its own small Comic Con. I paid for both days but only went on Saturday with my friend. I mostly didn’t go on Sunday because I was not feeling all that well but that is okay because I got all that I needed from the one day. As someone who goes to big conventions I was not expecting much but I think they did a pretty good job for an event in this town. …

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